Hi! I’m Erica!

Erica Greenwold Reisen - NC Wedding Planner, Designer, Blogger, & Feminist Rabble Rouser - Photo by Ana Teresa Galizes
Photo by Ana Teresa

I started Folie à Deux Events as a way to blend my love of the wedding industry with my interest in conceptual design. If you went back in time and asked High-School Erica, I would have never have expected I would wind up in the wedding industry. I was a nerdy, feminist, art kid, and at the time I really didn’t even see myself EVER getting married, let alone planning weddings as a career!

But it was my feminism and humanist beliefs that actually led me to wedding planning. I saw the wedding industry as a place where I could make a difference. Getting married shouldn’t  mean compromising your values, beliefs, personalities, or aesthetics. My approach to wedding planning is to encourage critical thinking about traditions, setting priorities and practical budgeting, and a focus on conceptual design rather than picking arbitrary “wedding colors” or themes.

From NY Fashion Designer to NC Wedding Planner

I am originally from Upstate New York, near Albany. In 2005 I moved to NYC to study fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While in school I worked a variety of day jobs in couture fashion, interior design, a tech/finance start-up, and the luxury car business. It was also during this time that I got the bug for indie entrepreneurship. I started a few blogs and in 2008 I opened up my custom wedding gown business. The wedding gown business was fun, but mega stressful, and ultimately I decided to let it go dark while I focused on blogging and a pivot toward becoming a wedding planner.

I moved to Chapel Hill, NC at the beginning of 2014 in what was honestly a fairly dramatic upheaval. I decided with one month’s notice to uproot and head south. New York City has a way of wearing people out, and I was over it.

A few months after my move, I met my husband,  James. We got married in 2016 and our little family is us, the two cats, Midna and Kira, and our dog, Cody. We can usually be found watching Netflix, playing boardgames (that’s actually how we met), or hitting up local craft breweries.

In addition to my writing here on the blog, I also created Secularly Wed – a blog about non-religious wedding planning. You can find my work on the Bridechilla blog & Medium as well.