We are Folie à Deux Events, a Chapel Hill wedding planning and floral design studio.

Our mission is to help you create a beautiful, cohesive look for your event that is inspired by your values and personal style. We will help you think critically about traditions and build a celebration that truly reflects your personalities and your future together.

Our process is all about collaboration and listening to the unique ideas of our clients. We will not push you toward vendors or styles that don’t fit your needs. We feel that wedding planners are educators as much as they are organizers or designers.


Planning your wedding is one building block of your future together. We encourage couples to have the important conversations. Use your wedding planning to discuss finances, career goals, and family in addition to the visual elements, catering choices, and traditions. Wedding planning should not be relegated to one partner due to gender or other social constructs. It should be a process that allows each partner’s strengths and interests to shine!



Owner + Creative Director

Photo by Ana Teresa


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  • Lead Planner since 2019


photo by Ana Teresa
  • Lead Planner since 2019
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