Meet Erica Lead Planner & Designer

| folie à deux – noun. the sharing of delusional ideas by two people who are closely associated.

Folie à Deux Events is a Chapel Hill, NC based wedding planning and event design service. My mission is to help you create a beautiful, cohesive look for your event that is inspired by your values and personal style. I specialize in the alternative and unexpected, and I always love a challenge.

My process is all about collaboration and listening to the unique ideas presented by my clients. I am not going to push you toward vendors or styles that don’t fit your needs. I feel that wedding planners should inhabit the role of educator as much as an organizer or designer.

I started Folie à Deux Events in 2016 as a way to blend my love of the wedding industry with my interest in conceptual design. If you went back in time and asked High-School Erica, I would have never have expected I would wind up in the wedding industry. But fast forward to 2008 and I had opened my first business as a wedding gown designer & blogger, gradually making a professional shift toward wedding & party planning.

I am originally from Upstate New York and then spent 8 years in NYC studying fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology while working a variety of day jobs in couture fashion, interior design, finance, and the luxury car business. Now I live in Chapel Hill, NC with my cute husband, James, two cats, Midna and Kira, and our dog, Cody. My other obsessions include craft beer, sewing, hiking, writing, and sci-fi/fantasy stuff.

Our Values A manifesto

I believe in creating events that are not just cookie-cutter replicas of recent trends.

I aim to reflect the personality and values of the clients in every event I design.

I am a secular humanist, unapologetic feminist, and believe in equality for all people. Love is Love, end of story.

I believe in thinking critically about traditions and how they relate to you and your partner.

I believe that weddings are pretty and fun, but building a solid marriage should be your #1 priority.

Let’s get together & plan some badass events!