Looking back…

2017 was the second full year of Folie à Deux Events being a thing in the world. I started this company Jan 1st of 2016 and the first year was honestly a bit of a mess. I was mostly guessing and testing out what worked and what didn’t as far as networking and advertising. But in my first year I had some incredible couples and wonderful experiences. Entering 2017 I had a much better handle on the business side of things, had made some great industry connections, and some big ideas!

In 2017 I worked with 7 couples who were total rockstars. I am so grateful to have gotten to know such awesome folks! I am still waiting on photos from 3 of the weddings – I cannot wait to share them with you!

I collaborated on 4 styled photoshoots with some of my favorite people in this industry.

I started working with Aleisha of the Bridechilla Podcast as the Content Editor was a guest on a few episodes of the show, and contributed regularly to the blog. I also recorded an episode of the Avowed Podcast!

I kicked off a blog called Secularly Wed, a resource for couples planning non-religious weddings. I haven’t been able to keep up with posting or growing the directory as much as I would have liked but I have big plans for it!

2018 Goals!

Going into 2018 I already have 11 couples booked and my goal is to book 20 weddings. I also have some big plans in the works. I am expanding into floral design, which is an exciting new direction! I have always loved floral design, and am learning a lot about the business side of it and building my portfolio. I am going to be doing a few more styled shoots in the coming months, a few where I will be handling the floral design and others where I am designing/coordinating. I am very pumped about the concepts and can’t wait to share them!

As far as my other blog and media projects go, I will be working more on Secularly Wed this year with some great new resources in the works! I will also be launching a podcast of my own, called The Love Party Podcast. Don’t have an exact launch date yet, but stay tuned… hoping for a Spring launch!

I am also hoping to expand my marketing , web, & writing business (Greenwold Reisen) to help more creative folks improve their websites and blogs! I have a really cool workshop planned… more on that soon!

So yea, 2018 is going to be big. Some other things I am looking forward to:

  • Road Trip to Miami and Orlando (first time going to Florida)
  • Team Flower Conference (the real reason for the Florida trip)
  • Trip to Vegas (also for the first time!)
  • Two weddings in Asheville
  • An Elopement in the mountains
  • Several friends getting married!

I look forward to this year. I think it is going to be a good one!