If you are newly engaged and starting to plan a wedding, you have most like heard the term Day-of Coordination. The idea that there is this magical unicorn of a person who will show up on the day of your wedding, make sure it all runs according to plan, make all your DIY projects look pro and on top of it all, cost next to nothing – it’s a bit misleading. And yet this term is all the rage (sometimes literally rage-inducing) in the wedding industry.

My venue requires I hire a Day-of Coordinator…

Venues have started requiring couples to book a Day-of Coordinator for their events (which is great, btw…) but do not always do the best job explaining what the Coordinator is actually supposed to do. The term “Day-of” then causes a lot of confusion for couples and diminishes the many hours of work the coordinator actually does leading up to the wedding. For most of us, the work begins a month or more in advance. No one can do this job in a day and actually do it well.

The reason many venues have begun requiring Coordinators is that with the influx of DIY weddings, it has become much easier to plan and throw a wedding without a full-service wedding planner if you are willing to do some legwork. But ultimately, you likely have not planned a wedding before and are going to need some help. Plus don’t you want to actually enjoy your wedding day?

Why it's never JUST Day-Of Coordination | Folie à Deux Events Blog | Chapel Hill Wedding Planner | Photo by Photopher Photography
Photo by Photopher Photography

Why I dropped the term Day-of Coordination

After only a few months in business, I dropped the moniker of Day-of Coordinator. When folks would reach out to me, they often felt that they didn’t need all the services I was offering in my most basic package – “It’s just one day isn’t it?” The reality was that my smallest Day-of package included the bare minimum of what I felt was professionally responsible to offer and still be able to do the job well – and that takes far more than a day’s worth of work.

We do not just show up on the day and make the magic happen. It is more like we are your wedding fairy godmother who works behind the scenes to help keep you on track with your planning, talk logistics, wrangle your vendors, etc…

Keep in mind as well that many wedding coordination services include planning tools, assistants on the day, a network of industry connections and previous event experience.

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Day-of / Month-of vs. Wedding Coordination

All this to say, when you are researching your wedding coordination options, keep in mind that the job is never JUST the day of the wedding. I like to use the Wedding Coordination label because it doesn’t put a set timeline on when you can expect my help. I personally prefer to be there gathering info all along and really enjoy being a part of the planning process, even if you are doing most of the planning yourselves.

Some Coordinators prefer to come in during the final 4-6 weeks and just pull it all together, they often use the title Day-of Coordination or Month-of Coordination. Some planners refer to the service as Wedding Management. Really the main difference between what a coordinator calls their service comes from the amount of time you can expect to actively be working with them.

And now… I want to officially recognize and celebrate the last time I will ever use the phrase Day-of Coordination on this blog. *cheers*

Day of Coordination - It's never just one day! | Folie à Deux Events Blog | Photo from April & Matt's Rickhouse Wedding in Durham, NC by DVOC Photography
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