Jenn & Teague were married earlier this year at Rigmor House in Chapel Hill, NC. They held two events over the course of a weekend inspired by their love for theater and Shakespeare and their connection to their Celtic heritage. The first day featured a traditional Christian wedding ceremony performed by the bride’s uncle and attended by about 50 of their closest family and friends. An afternoon tea service with a string ensemble followed their ceremony. The next day, they invited about 100 of their friends and family to witness their traditional Celtic Handfasting where they shared the quaich (a bowl of whiskey!) followed a Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired Masquerade Ball!

Many of the decor pieces were created by the couple and their family, including the Tea and Succulent favors, the ribbon wands, and the portrait wall. Most of the food for both events was prepared by the family and was some of the most delicious food I have ever had at a wedding… they really nailed it. Self-catering is difficult to pull off, but the level of organization and their attention to detail and quality made it possible.

I loved all the personal details and small touches they included in their event. One small thing that I absolutely loved was how they each did a DNA testing kit that provides information on your ancestry. They took the info from the test and created a beautiful framed document with facts about their heritage and ancestry, notable relations, and unique genetic traits that they each carry. It was so cool!

Probably the most memorable aspect of Jenn & Teague’s wedding was how involved their friends and family were in making the weekend amazing. I loved getting to know everyone. I also am very grateful to have been witness to such a moving Handfasting ceremony. Ceremonies should be about your own values and relationship, and this handfasting reflected that for sure.

And finally, I just wanted to give a shout out to what was probably the most fun I have seen a crowd have with the “Shoe Game.”  I am not usually into reception games, but this was just too fun!  Also some guests really brought their A-game as far as their masks went. I definitely hope I get to do a masquerade ball reception again!

The Dream Team

Photography by Rebekah Senter, who I was extremely excited to meet and work with. I absolutely adore her style and aesthetic. In addition to beautiful photography, she is a wonderful person to work with.

The floral and greenery elements were designed and created by Caroline Ruth Design.  We were all thrown a bit of a curve ball thanks to the weather, but she created an indoor ceremony installation that was simply stunning. Her centerpieces, equally as stunning. In addition to the centerpieces, the head table and cake were decorated with gorgeous jasmine tendrils. My favorite piece of the floral design was the greenery hoops that she created to float above each table.

For this event we worked with several local vintage rental companies. Table top and tea service items were provided by Southern Vintage Table. The pews for the ceremony were provided by Carolina Rustic Rentals, and the furniture pieces in the lounge were provided by Old South Vintage Rentals.

Hair and Makeup styled by Janna of Wink Hair and Makeup, I love the ladies from Wink, they are always a delight to work with and they make everyone look and feel amazing!

Music for the ceremony was performed by harpist, Marilyn Wienand. Elegant Ensembles provided the string music during Afternoon Tea.

Lighting provided and installed by K2 Productions.

And our last shout out is to Sugarland Chapel Hill for once again bringing down the house with their delicious cakes. I have worked with Sugarland a few times now and have so much love for their cake. Jenn & Teague had Lemon Cake with Buttercream and a chocolate & caramel cake (not pictured). We dressed up the lemon cake with sugared blueberries for the second day of the party!

Day One – The Ceremony & Afternoon Tea

Day Two – The Celtic Handfasting & Masquerade