Folie à Deux Events Twin Peaks Event Inspiration Mood Board

I have no idea where this will lead us. But I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. – Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

I know this may be a strange choice for my first Mood Board, but I don’t want anyone getting the idea that this is just another ordinary event planning blog. We are mega-weird here. Okay, so now that we are on the same page, let’s get into it.

Folie à Deux Events Twin Peaks Event Inspiration Mood Board Audrey and Agent Cooper Style Inspiration
Audrey Horne & Special Agent Dale Cooper enjoy some damn fine coffee at the Double R Cafe.

For the uninitiated, Twin Peaks is a surreal, paranormal, murder mystery, soapy melodrama from the early 90’s created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, which also has a new mini-series planned for 2017 (it has been pushed back a few times, to my dismay!). If you have not seen it and you enjoy shows like The X-Files, Lost, Breaking Bad, or American Horror Story, definitely give Twin Peaks a watch. It was ground-breaking for its time, considering it aired on ABC during prime-time. It pushed the boundaries of story-telling and content, with subjects and story-lines far more graphic than many shows previously. Twin Peaks ushered in the new era of American dramatic television while also being one of the weirdest shows to ever air.

Visually, Twin Peaks is equal parts beautiful, unsettling, quirky, and familiar. It is from those 4 qualities that I draw inspiration for this hypothetical event. The way I see it, you could use this inspiration for just about any event from a wedding, to a gallery opening, to a birthday party, that is assuming you are comfortable with an event inspired by a somewhat grisly show about murder, alternate dimensions, and great pie! You most likely wouldn’t have a “Happy 1st Birthday, Timmy” party with a Twin Peaks theme, but maybe you are dark and twisty like that, who am I to judge. Whatever your event, here are some ideas to get your planning underway.

Folie à Deux Events Twin Peaks Event Inspiration Mood Board
The Red Room – The bizzare, otherworldly setting of Agent Cooper’s mysterious dreams.

Overall Theme & Venue

For the venue, you have a few options. Decorate a space inspired by the Red Room, book an opulent mountain lodge (like the actual Great Northern Hotel from the show), or at the very least someplace rustic and elegant, that is  if you don’t live near any of these Twin Peaks themed venues. Using a space like a mountain lodge would provide a lot of the thematic decorative elements with little effort on your part. The overall look of the event should evoke retro fashion, mountain rustic, and high-class mystery theater. Let it be a little quirky and offbeat but do not let the kitschier aspects dominate the decor.

Color Story

Color plays an important role in this series and is often used as a clue to indicate good and evil, real, and unreal. The color story I have put together draws from color themes that are repeated throughout the series in the sets, costumes, and other visuals. This color story would be a good place to start for the decor, florals, and fashions. Though I would also recommend the occasional use of white as well, invoking the black and white of Agent Cooper’s suit and the zig-zag floor of the Red Room.


How you use these colors is up to you, but I personally think it would be pretty rad for a wedding to do the Double R Cafe Blue for your bridesmaids, A la Shelly and Norma’s waitress uniforms. Not only would this fit the retro theme of the fashions (more on that in a bit) it is a good way to include the blue which is seen throughout the show in a way that isn’t off putting with the other decor.

Florals and centerpieces could utilize the darker tones, evergreens and a variety of reds, as well as wooden elements like branches. Log Lady would approve.


Folie à Deux Events Twin Peaks Event Inspiration Mood Board Color and Fashion Ideas
Shelly in her mega cute Double R Cafe uniform.

The show takes fashion cues from a few eras. Several characters dress in decidedly retro, think 50’s & 60’s, inspired garb, while others are more “fashion forward” (for 1989 in a rural mountain town). The men also fall into two camps, the townies who dress very utilitarian in work clothes or uniforms, and the “interlopers” from the big cities in their fancy suits. Sweaters and Plaid play an equally important role in the fashion of this show as Agent Cooper’s signature black and white suited look.

If it is a wedding you are planning, go the Retro & Suit route, any other party, it is kinda up to you. I mean, if its a Halloween party, you could always go as the plastic-wrapped corpse of Laura Palmer or a piece of Cherry Pie for that matter!

Audrey Horne
Audrey’s rocks the femme fatale look.

But for the sake of this post, I am going to assume we are planning a classier affair. So let’s say its a wedding. I would go with a look inspired by the character Audrey for your bridal look. Something retro/pin-up would work wonderfully. Throw in a little (or huge) fur shrug as a nod to the timeless, effortlessly fashionable Josie Packard. For your bridesmaids, as I mentioned before, a rockabilly or pin-up dress in the Double R Cafe blue or a lipstick red would be awesome. As for menswear, Special Agent Dale Cooper sure looks dashing in that smartly tailored black and white suit, and so will your groom. And if the groomsmen want to wear plaid, this is one time it is thematically appropriate! Check out the Pinterest board for Twin Peaks inspired party looks!

Food & Drink

There are only three requirements at a Twin Peaks themed event.

  1. A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee
  2. Cherry Pie that will kill you.
  3. Donuts (stacked and arranged in rows)

Perfect opportunity to have a Pie or Donut Bar! Beyond these three suggestions (requirements), you can basically do what you want with the food and drink offerings.



Music was an integral part of the story telling in Twin Peaks, at times moody and ethereal, other times jazzy and punctuated by a plucky base line. The music is pretty intense at times so take what you like, leave what you don’t.  As far as activities for your party, a murder mystery dinner, a casino night, or a mysterious map or cipher on your invitations would all fit the theme!

A town where everyone knows everyone and nothing is as it seems…

So thanks for sticking with me through this concept, I know it was a weird one, but we are far from normal here at Folie à Deux Events. If you want to see more and dig deeper into the concept and inspiration, check out our Twin Peaks Pinterest Board for many more ideas, fashion tips, venues, DIY projects, and visual inspiration! And of course, check out the show if you haven’t yet!

And if you want to see a wedding that actually incorporated a Twin Peaks theme, check out this beautiful wedding on Offbeat Bride!

Thanks for reading, stay weird!