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The Madness of Two | Folie à Deux Events on Avowed Wedding Podcast

Earlier this year, a new wedding podcast premiered, and I quickly fell head over heels in love with it… The Avowed Podcast, hosted by Jasmine R Lilly, features conversations that discuss the love, relationships, the wedding industry, art, politics, the pursuit of meaning and fulfillment… you name it, it’s all on the table. I listened to […]

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Wedding Truths with Bridechilla Graduate Erica

Heyo! I recently recorded an episode of the Bridechilla Podcast with the lovely Aleisha McCormack! If you aren’t already listening to this podcast and you are planning a wedding, seriously get on it! It is a gold mine of ideas, support, and advice from a delightful Aussie who swears a bunch! I have been writing […]