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Well Kept Chaos – Your Virtual Party Planner

Before I got my start in wedding planning, I threw over-the-top theme parties for birthdays, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and sometimes just for the hell of it! I would find basically any excuse for a celebration. The thing is, these parties take time to conceptualize and plan. A well executed theme party, even for a […]

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Taking back the Wedding Industry

The revolution begins with you. Being a wedding planner, I get so bummed out when I see people trashing the wedding industry online. But hear me out, because I also totally get it. The industry as a whole has a lot to answer for. Over the last 30 years, the expectations around weddings have skyrocketed, […]

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Wedding Truths with Bridechilla Graduate Erica

Heyo! I recently recorded an episode of the Bridechilla Podcast with the lovely Aleisha McCormack! If you aren’t already listening to this podcast and you are planning a wedding, seriously get on it! It is a gold mine of ideas, support, and advice from a delightful Aussie who swears a bunch! I have been writing […]

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Have the Wedding You Want (and keep your guests happy)

All you need is a little planning & communication! Awhile back, my sister linked me to an article that made me cringe entitled 10 Things Wedding Guests Absolutely Hate. Honestly, all 10 of the items on the list are things that could be rectified with better planning, but instead of offering much in the way of […]

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Planning Your Actual Wedding

Yay! You’re Engaged! What now? There is a ton of pressure put on engaged couples to have this huge, perfect, storybook wedding regardless of what you can afford, or would even really enjoy. Hell, I actually like planning parties and the over the top production that is the “Traditional American Wedding” is just about the […]