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folie à  deux – noun. the sharing of delusional ideas by two people who are closely associated.

Erica lives the planner life, Photo by Ana Teresa Galizes
Wedding Planner or Stylish Hobo? Photo by Ana Teresa Galizes

Folie à  Deux Events is a Chapel Hill, NC based wedding planning and event design service. My mission is to help you create a beautiful, cohesive look for your event that is inspired by your values and personal style. I specialize in the alternative and unexpected, and I always love a challenge.

I started Folie à  Deux Events in part to justify my ongoing obsession with weddings. I have been involved in the bridal industry since 2008. I started out as a wedding gown designer & blogger, later moving on to wedding & party planning. My other obsessions include craft beer, sewing, hiking, writing, and sci-fi/fantasy stuff.

I am originally from Upstate New York and then spent 8 years in NYC studying fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology while working a variety of day jobs in couture fashion, interior design, finance, and the luxury car business. Now I live in Chapel Hill, NC with my cute husband, James, two cats, Midna and Kira, and our dog, Cody.

My style is modern and inspired by haute couture fashion & interior design trends as much as it is inspired by wedding trends. Geometry, bold colors, and natural elements are my favorite design mediums.

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