Alec & Andrew celebrated their marriage in Sept 2017 with a chill, nature-inspired, outdoor festival wedding at Het Landhuis in Pittsboro, NC.

First of all, I just need to say that Alec and Andrew are such wonderful human beings. They are legit the sweetest couple and working with them never felt like work. Alec and Andrew met while at NC State and got engaged while backpacking! They and their friends are regular music festival attendees and aren’t afraid of roughing it! I really admired their adventurous spirit and carefree approach to life.

Planning their wedding presented a unique challenge. They wanted an outdoor festival wedding with all their favorite people, complete with a camp site for their guests. But the catch was that there were also over 150 guests in attendance! Keeping the vibe chill while also accommodating 150+ people is no small task!

We were immensely lucky to have incredible weather on the day. A little wind which made it hard to keep candles lit, but beyond that, I had no complaints! I fell in love with the outdoor ceremony grove at Het Landhuis at our first venue visit. The old iron structure beautifully frames the ceremony space without diminishing the canopy of tall oaks. The winding stone steps into the ceremony grove make for a dramatic processional.

Decor was kept to a minimum due to the natural beauty of the venue. Alec, Andrew, and their family all helped with designing and assembling the centerpieces. The bouquets were arranged by Alec’s aunt and the ceremony flowers and sweetheart table were arranged by me.

Alec and Andrew selected one of their favorite restaurants to cater their event, Neomonde Mediterranean. The spread was so delicious and I will admit, I hit up the restaurant a week later because I couldn’t stop thinking about the dolmas! Also baklava… enough said.

There was no shortage of desserts between Sweetwater Ices & 4 different cake varieties from Baker’s Cakes. I cannot more highly recommend Baker’s Cakes… these were easily some of the best wedding cakes I have had recently. And then of course, props to the guys at Sweetwater Ices for bringing their dapper “A” game as always. That Spumoni Ice was legit.

One of my favorite memories from the day was the dance party. This was a huge party, with guests from different cultures and different backgrounds, and yet EVERYONE was on the dance floor – like ALL night. I love when the party gets going and I can just sit and soak in a little bit of everyone’s joy. Their set-list, DJ’d by a friend, was a perfect blend of Top 40 Hits, Classics, EDM, Indie bands and Spanish music.

I would say though that the best part of Alec and Andrew’s outdoor festival wedding was quite simply the feeling that we were all family. The couple, their wedding party, and their families welcomed us vendors as they would friends.

I got home that night, my body aching from the long day on my feet, but the feeling of gratitude and joy to have been involved in such a wonderful event lasted days afterward. Even now thinking back I can safely say that weddings like Alec & Andrew’s are the reason I am in this business.

The Dream Team

Photography by Ana Teresa
Venue: Het Landhuis
Officiant: Lief Diamant
Catering: Neomonde Mediterranean
Cakes: Baker’s Cakes
Dessert: Sweetwater Ices
Alec’s Gown: BHLDN
Bartender: Paloma Garza

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