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The Madness of Two | Folie à Deux Events on Avowed Wedding Podcast

Earlier this year, a new wedding podcast premiered, and I quickly fell head over heels in love with it…

The Avowed Podcast, hosted by Jasmine R Lilly, features conversations that discuss the love, relationships, the wedding industry, art, politics, the pursuit of meaning and fulfillment… you name it, it’s all on the table. I listened to the very first episode and knew I had to reach out to Jasmine. She was having the conversations I wanted to be having.

In our interview, we got into some cool stuff. I shared some of the experiences I have had as a wedding planner, but also in planning my own elopement and wedding to my husband, James. We talk about analyzing traditions and deciding what they mean to you. Setting priorities for your wedding, and creating meaningful ceremonies that actually represent you and your partner rather than just following some prescribed script.

I really enjoyed talking with Jasmine and having the opportunity to discuss some of the heavier issues related to the wedding industry and marriage in general. I am glad that through The Avowed Podcast and Bridechilla last fall, I have been able to share some of my feelings on weddings and the wedding industry with a wider audience. My extroverted heart is pleased.

Listen to the full interview…

Folie à Deux Events interview on the Avowed Podcast, a new wedding podcast with Jasmine Lilly.


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