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Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. It combines my two true loves, costuming and party planning. This year I wanted to go a little more sophisticated with the decor than I have in the past. I will absolutely share photos of the party at the end of the month, but in the meantime, I wanted to share my inspiration and some tips on throwing your own Halloween Soiree! Join me in using the hashtag #moderngothicsoiree and I will share photos of your party and decor on Instagram and the photo post after Halloween!

The cool thing is you totally can host a fashionable Halloween party on a reasonable budget. Modern, minimalist decor doesn’t require a ton of STUFF… grab some candles, some vases, some greenery… a skull or two… some spider webs… and your set!


A great place to start is with some simple brass candlesticks and taper candles. I am using some amazing vintage mid-century modern candlesticks I bought on Etsy, but check out local vintage stores and thrift stores and you might find a good deal. Or grab some glass or plastic candlesticks at a craft store and spray paint them! Scatter a few votives or piller candles around your table as well for added glow.

Folie à Deux Events Blog Hallowee Soiree Brass Candlesticks for Halloween Party Decor
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Add a little greenery to your table with a garland, some moss, or vases with simple ferns or leafy arrangements. This can be as simple as taking some clippings from your own yard, or grabbing a bundle of ferns at the floral department of your grocery store.

Folie à Deux Events Blog Halloween Party A Halloween tabletop from
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Mood Lighting

Lower those lights! Halloween parties should be dark and moody! In addition to your candles, try wired fairy lights – I picked up 3 strings for $15 on Arrange these lights into your tablescape, a vase, or draped on a mantle!

Folie à Deux Events Blog Halloween Party Planning Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights from

Memento Mori

I fell in love with this skull planter I found on Etsy. At $53 it is more than I wanted to spend on this party, but if this is your style and you see yourself using it beyond Halloween, its always good to support the artists making amazing stuff!  If you want to DIY something similar, I picked up two styrofoam skulls from Michael’s and will hollow out the top to create my planters.

Folie à Deux Events Blog Modern Gothic Halloween Party Planning Skull Succulent Planter
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Potions & Treats

Those who have been to my parties know that I love to be “on theme” even with the food. I have done my fair share of kitchy Halloween recipes including “Antipasto Eyeballs” one year, and of course, pumpkin EVERYTHING. This year I am planning to keep the food a little less thematic, and more fall/harvest inspired.  Some dishes I am planning can be found by clicking the images below.

Folie à Deux Events Blog Halloween Party Planning Pumpkin Beer Pretzels with Chipotle Queso Recipe from
Pumpkin Beer Pretzels w/ Chipotle Queso from


A gorgeous Cheese Board from The House that Lars Built’s Halloween Dinner Party Menu.


The Poisoned Apple – click the image to see the recipe on Minted.

Our event isn’t until the end of the month, but I am already getting excited for it! I would love to see what other people are putting together for their Halloween parties! Tweet us @folieadeuxevent with photos of your parties or use the hashtag #moderngothicsoiree on Instagram and I will share your photos after Halloween!

Need some more Inspiration?

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